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Ryan Cathey and Jake Huber stepped up their game after being called out for the Cold Water Challenge. Not only did they make a production out of it but they turned it into a great Public Service Announcement. Great job Matt Payne and everyone else that helped.

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Rialto Firefighters help family in need!

On December 12, 2013, the Rialto Fire Department responded to the 300 Blk of N. Olive St. for a fully involved residential structure fire. Unfortunately, the residence was a complete loss including all of the contents in the structure. The family lost all of their belongings including the Christmas tree and the family’s gifts. Members of the Rialto Fire Department were so distraught over the displacement and loss the residents suffered so close to the holidays, the Firefighters have made arrangements to help the family begin the rebuilding process and work toward some Christmas magic. They felt especially bad for the two children who lost all of their Christmas presents the family had purchased. Rialto Professional Firefighters Local 3688 have stepped in once again to ensure all is not lost for this unfortunate family. They have purchased the family a new Christmas tree, a Christmas dinner, new home furnishings and replacement Christmas gifts.


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Welcome to the home of the Rialto Firefighters Local#3688 website. We are proud to invite the members of the community to keep current on the news and events of our members! This site has been developed to serve as an informational hub to assist the members of the Rialto Firefighters 3688 and provide information to the public about the services we provide. The members of our fire department are a group of like-minded individuals with the common goal of providing unprecedented emergency services and education to the public. The preservation of life, property and the safety of our employees requires a constant state of readiness, training and dedication to our purpose.

Please take a moment to look around. Enjoy the site!


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